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Marwin Sports is not just an apparel company. We are first and foremost a technology company. We have developed unique fabrics and proprietary NON-TOXIC nanotechnology and are pleased to unveil our innovations. These fabrics are extremely comfortable, breathable and soft, yet completely liquid resistant.



We are able to create an invisible hydrophobic barrier against any liquid without modifying the fabrics appearance, texture or breathability! Our formula creates 121 degree high contact angle surfaces that visibly repel liquid.


Marwin produts not only repel water but also repel 99% of bacteria from external contaminants. This also includes sweat which contributes to the foul odor on garments. To remove any bacteria adhesion, simply rinse fabrics with water.

Non-Toxic Nanotechnology:

Although we achieve our resistances with nanotechnology and chemistry, our tech is 100% non-toxic silicone based, safe for your skin and our environment


With our technology, together we can help reduce our carbon footprint. In the manufacturing phase and for you as a consumer, we can eliminate traditional detergents while cleaning to achieve identical results.


Marwin Sports has partnered with leading eco-friendly nanotechnology company Snapguard Solutions to offer exclusive performance and technology in all our products direct from our factories. It’s very simple.

Our 100% non-toxic and eco-safe silicone based solution does not change the feel, smell or look of any of our garments. It is truly invisible but once you see it in action, you will be amazed at the strength and performance of this technology.

Most DWR (durable water repellent) clothing achieve their water resistance with two man-made perfluorochemicals (PFOS or PFOA), read more online at about these toxic chemicals and what they do to us and the environments around us.

While your garment will come with Snapguard protection, this is not permanent and it will be important to follow our wash instructions to ensure longevity. With proper washing, you can expect an average of 20 washes with hydrophobic effect still lasting. However, don’t worry, you can purchase a care kit from us to safely treat and reapply this tech to your Marwin gear.

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We have developed our tech in-house at our own factories and laboratories. These fabrics are extremely comfortable, breathable and soft, yet completely liquid resistant

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